by Modern Girls

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A small collection of songs recorded between summer 2013 and summer 2014; a journey from sadness to goodness, presented to you here in reverse order.


released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Modern Girls Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Trouble In Paradise
Your perfume scent
Burnt onto my skin
Weaved through my clothes
Soaken up in scars
Those stalemate dreams
Unrequited fantasies
Ringing in my ears
All work laid to waste
Each heart in its place

Flesh pressed into shape
Mangled up by sex
Hurts when I touch you
With these nails through my hands
I'll get real deep inside you
And work my way out through you mammary glands
I'll feed you pink ketamine
I'll take you far off to tropical lands

And now take off your clothes
And strangle me with gold
You only love me when I'm drunk
I only like you when you're in love
And drunk or high
Trouble in paradise
Track Name: Autumn (Fag Ash & Heartbreak)
I cannot wait for autumn
When the year dies and the past repeats
Pretty girls in winter coats
Cycle across my snow globe eyes

And it's early July now
Waiting for the last blow of summer
And then maybe I'll be free
Possibly even happy

And remember, remember
The fourteenth of September
The beginning and the end
Of forever

And if I did something I shouldn't
Would anyone find me or care?
But I have to push forward and through
Because autumn will be here soon

I've only got one leg to stand on
So why is it standing by your side?
All the streets are graves of the past
And her name is my epitaph

And remember, remember
The nineteenth of November
The beginning and the end
Of forever and always
Track Name: Cuddle Fucking/Kissing Talking
My right-hand man
The malign come
The faceless mask
The Gay Paris
The emotion ditch
The sweetest bitch
My white chocolate fiancée
My ashtray angel

A garden path
A wooden fence
A rural house
An olive tree
Four misspent years
Trying to make you stay
Please tell me one day
We'll lie together again

A conversation
We can't remember
A situation
A handshake tender
A crowded dance floor
Should fit just two
Just like a casket
Holds me and you

You're sexy and depressive
Horny and oppressive
We're cuddle-fucking
And we're kissing-talking