by Modern Girls

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Songs about girls and Berghain.

Recorded 2014-2016.

All music performed and produced by Reece Fink.

Photography by Lucía Sciandro ( (Thank you)


released June 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Modern Girls Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Polly, I Promise I'll Stay Clean Tonight
We've known each other for just over a month now and you still haven't seen me sober
Every time we meet I'm either drunk, high, coming down or hungover
I want to tell you how I feel, I want to tell you things that sound sincere and true
But then I see you at the weekend and I just end up getting caned with you

And Polly, please believe me when I tell you I'll stay clean tonight
And darling don't dismiss it when I say you're beautiful
Though I've said it one thousand million times already tonight

I try my best to make you happy, make you good, but we just seem to fight and argue
Sometimes I think that you're just playing with me because you know how much I adore you
I get all tangled up in my heartstrings when I can't understand these adult things
I guess I'm just too young and naive to know what a grown girl like you needs

Darling, what is wrong?
We've been bad for far too long
If you want me to go away
Then Polly, you just have to say
But it's too late now

Dear Polly, how have you been? Yeah, I've been doing okay too
I'm eating better and I don't go out as much and I got some shit, new tattoos
And still after all these weekends and months I'm still trying to get my shit right
Promising another girl now that I will stay clean tonight
Track Name: Divas
All these pale, blank, dead faces
Red lipstick like a wound
The highs are bleak and they hurt
And the lows come on too soon and fast

With her black bra and leggings or long, black dress on
The taste of G won't leave but the faith has gone
All the girls look and dance and tease the same
What's your name,
You stupid diva bitch?

I cannot think tonight
No, I can't give myself out to anyone tonight
I'm broken down but still dancing
I'll never look a girl in the eyes again

I loved you deeper with each day but you never knew
You only crumbled away because I told you to
When you're young, in love, on drugs and hot, you think it'll always stay
Hand shake and what's your name again?
But it's just not my game to play
Both dead behind the eyes
Track Name: Modern Girls
Look at her legs
See how perfect they are
Hold you in a chokehold
Look at her hips
How gracefully they rip
Against the flesh and bone

And don't you just want to touch her
Watch her fall
Into your arms

Look at her clothes
See how stylish she is
All the girls want to be her
Look at her hair
How it curls above her breasts
All these guys want to fuck her

But don't you just want her wrapped within your arms
Safe from harm

See how she smokes her cigarettes
See how perfectly they're rolled
Look at all things she'll put up her nose
You know they're going to make her look so old

And you know that girl will only break your heart
But what can you do
With modern girls?
Track Name: Roses
I've made a lot of mistakes and now I'm out of excuses
I'm tying off loose nerve endings tonight
I'm a malicious narcissist and only half-decent at it
And yet you're falling in love with me

I've loved all I ever could until I've got what I wanted
One more thing in common, one more insecurity
The walls are two-way mirrors and the ceiling's caving in
And yet you're falling in love with me

I've got a mermaid tattooed on my left forearm
And she's missing half her hand and a neck
I've got a little black crucifix on my left breast
That you tattooed on me in the park

There's not a raincloud in sight this long, pointless morning
Clouds tear in two an overcast mind
A lovers lock holding my lips together
And that's not why I'm falling for you

It was cheap sex in toilets of expensive hotels
Club Classic nights in Deptford cellar bars
Overpriced coffee and oversized clothes
And never taking Molly again

You wanted hearts unfurled and hung from stars
Travelling across America in muscle cars
Rings with our names on, flowers framing our view
And that's why I almost fell in love with you
Track Name: True Love
It was fun and young and dumb for a time
Suspended in my mind
I could have sworn I saw the future adorned
In nothing at all

I fell in love with the same girl
The same one million times
Ruined myself sustained in dreams
That one day she'd be mine again

Oh, tell me where your true love lies
On her back with her legs around other men's necks
And then make myself sick with false happiness

I hated myself so much
For falling in love with you
As you just slowly and wholly lost interest
Forgot all about me

I wish I could make you another person
I never get to know or meet
I wish I could make you just another face
That when I'm fucked I sometimes see

And it wasn't the drugs
That drove me away
It was the love - or lack of -
That drove me insane
Because I can't stand making you sad anymore

Track Name: Gabriella And I
Gabriella and I, it's such a beautiful burden to bear
I've been locked in my head for days shooting up to polaroid daydreams of her
It's hard being young, it's so hard being turned on
She leaves red lipstick burns on me wherever she pierces her tongue

She's looking so good in her black mini dress and boots
She comes sitting next to me and shows me her tattoos
She takes me outside, eats me alive
She grabs me by my hands and chains and leads me into her shrine

People falling in love, it's such an absurd thing to do
Tough girls turning smitten and sweet, it's so blissfully cruel
I'll be the death of you, please be the death of me
And in this way at least we'll die happy

I've never felt lust tear me open like this before
I've never had romance suffocate me and beat me down to the floor
She's the prettiest girl that I've ever seen
Even in those electroclash photos of her when she was eighteen