Hell Is Home

by Modern Girls

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"It sounds like the music a drug addled serial killer would make before his final outing. The whole thing builds up this character of a lost outsider, someone losing a grip on the world and swimming in the memories of unrequited love. There's something very final about it all."

- Rob 27/09/2012

"Pleasurable and depressive noises but in a good way."

- Alice 10/01/2013

Recorded between Summer 2011 - 2012. All songs written and recorded by Reece Empire. Track 2 features a sample of 'Rockafeller Skank' by Fatboy Slim. Thanks to Mikey for the occasional use of his drum kit.

Thank you to the small group of people that have supported me and my output over the years. I hope this fan base will only expand.


released September 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Modern Girls Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: TALK
I hear talk about things
That just decay in my head
I’ve got broken clothes to dress my woes
I’ve got the phone numbers of the dead

And I’m shot
I’m down
I’m wounded
Spare me your hand
Spare me the embarrassment
Because I’ve tried

Another cloud shot down
To resound the sound of the crown shot from the clown’s head
This is sex to me, this is pornography
This is a bed on fire to me

And I’ve tried
I put my suit on
I tried, I tried, I tried
One more chance

And I’ve tried to make an effort
I put aftershave on
Track Name: Dear Sir... Or Madam...?
Dear Mr Reece Fink,

We are writing you this letter on account of your absence from work this morning (19th November). We wish to inform you that after much consideration we have unwillingly decided to terminate your employment at our hotel. We hope that you understand the reasons that this decision has been taken and wish you all the best for the future.

Yours Faithfully,

The Man

I shave off all my hair
Down to the naked waxy skin
I walk through the restaurant’s backdoors
And gun down everyone within

Now I am unemployed and immortalized
And I hope that you understand
The reasons that this decision has been taken
Track Name: O Sweet Plastic Caroline (This Isn't Love)
Back of the line boy
I was here first
I’ve been crawling my way up
For nine months now
You’re just a puerile imitation
Of the reigning king
I had to shoot my sweetheart
To get inside her leopard print

He spent his best days
Adjusting his hair
Scratching carnal sweat from his skin
Slitting nubile throats
Sewing up his own flesh

He spent his old age
Suffocating under the weight
Of the past
And burning photos

Open the window
Let the cool air in
Track Name: Honey Melting
I used to treat you like a princess
I promised you my future forever
I gave you the key to my heart
And then I got the locks changed

All your crying augments in my mind
Where I ornament your pain and place it on the window side
When do you give up and move on?

You used to cry on my cold shoulder
Now you cry at my sinking quicksand feet
I share a cage with the albatross of my past
I can’t wash your perfume off my skin

You’re always weeping, destroyed in my head
A necropolis of kisses and promises
And what do we have left now?
Track Name: Saliva, Darkness And Blood
I swim a thousand pitch black oceans
So dead and empty, no light or sky
The darkness deluges me but I never go under
And the eternity forever beckons me on

Her hot pant legs wrap themselves about my waist
I have to drown myself in her flesh just to escape
Her hot pant hips vibrate and grind and pulse and shake
Knocking out my teeth like piano keys

But I will still miss your company
Yes, I did some things in clubs that were not pretty

Now turn your face and take it like a whore

Tonight is the night I crawl up her guts
The sky is the lining of a cunt, the stars are cigarette butts
I swim in my own saliva and the darkness and blood
To drown in the feast of flesh and fluid excess

I will collapse and fold myself up and in
Now you can kiss girls in pubs because I won’t be there
Now you can be anorexic because I won’t care
I only ever meant to make you happy
Track Name: Hell Is Home
You’re an old flame
My old haunt
Your hands are lined
And your face is gaunt

It’s a messed up web we must weave
To know we come back when we leave

My hometown was hell
So I moved to the city
With lipstick on my collar
And my heart on my sleeve

Why must you follow your head and not your heart?
If I smash your head in will you follow your heart?

Like banging my head against a brick wall to try and get through to the other side
I love you like an Ebola victim loves the alleviation that death brings

Some girls are pretty
Some girls are not
Some men have sex appeal
Some have dreadlocks

I’ve let enough out
I’ve let enough off
And now I call it a day
A dreadlock gyro day

I see your face through the tambourine
Your hostage smile seems so serene

And that is why I hate you

Hell is home

How much damage can one man do in three hours?
We’re about to find out
Can I hurt...
O yeah, yeah I can
O but can I hurt your eyes open?
Track Name: Her Cunt's Lips
Then I realized I’d assassinated your queen
And all my thoughts had just been dreams
And all the lustful, industrial words I spoke
Were been written down in a new holy book

And so I blew out my brains and sewed up my mouth
And started a silent religion in my head
But my throne reflected every move that I made
Like a time-lapse film of a progressing disease

I don’t know
She doesn’t care
He just wants to be everywhere

From God’s lips to my ears

And I tore out all my eyelashes
And made a million wishes all for the same thing
Crucified myself atop my throne
And died as a king

Her mouth was guillotine
My skin was plates of paper cuts
And I have this terrible smile stretched across my skin
From her cunt’s lips to my ears
Track Name: Car
I've never driven in your car
But yours would be my favourite
We could sit in awkward silence
I'd watch you in the mirrors

And we can pretend that we're now friends
But I know that you still hate me
Because when I masturbated over you
It left a nasty bruise

I love it when we push words between each other
Trying to prove to ourselves that school was so last year

Because when you say that we're now friends
Your nose gets even bigger

I want to bring you home
Show you to my family
And they'll say that you're a really pretty girl
And then we'll get married
And then we'll settle down
In some small, ordinary town
And then we'll have children
With lovely, tall, pale noses

I want to ride in your car
Track Name: Inferno
The streets are full of filth
And the language is so dirty
A karaoke hellhole
On the northern side of Lethe

The girl next door
Thinks everything’s so good
Yeah, everything’s so great
At least I know he’s safe

Fingers down the throat of happiness
Daggers in the back of hope
Cracks in the gates of heaven
Knots tightening in the rope

Let’s go for a bike ride
Through the deadwood of my mind
The past few days
I just ride forever
Trying to find an exit
Through the smoke in my lungs
And the knot in my throat
That is tightening the rope

Tears in the eyes of home
Hands up the skirt of fate
Wrinkles in the face of youth
Bullets in the gun of hate

I finally got your kiss
But now it’s cold and dry
The stale taste of love
Is burning on my lips

Black was never your colour
But my clock has reached eleven
I’d rather be dead in hell
Than kicking about in heaven

Burns on the flesh of friends
Cameras in the house of hollow
Blood on the glass of security
Words from the tongue of sorrow

I can’t wait for her to arrive
I can’t wait for her to do those things
I can’t wait to finally meet her
I can’t wait for this to die
Track Name: (Untitled)
The things you worry about now will mean nothing in a day, week, month or year